2016 Charities

All our profits go to charity, which differ from year to year. This year we are supporting The National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), Julia’s House, and The Calne Youth Trust.  We will also be donating to the Calne Royal British Legion as they plan to restore the Town War Memorial.

As a committee, it is our aim to keep this event, both free, and in Calne. It is one of the largest events in Wiltshire annually and promotes local business. The local eateries, public houses and gift shops all benefit from this day. The only way we can continue to keep the event going, and donate generously to our chosen charities, is with your kind support. I’m sure you agree that it is a great event for the Town and has a positive effect for local business. We publish a programme for the Calne Bike Meet, which, along with wristbands, patches, T shirts and hats, can be purchased from our stall. There are collection buckets around the town so please donate what you can. Our stall will be placed just outside the Library, opposite the Lansdowne Arms. Please search us out. You can always visit our website,, where there is more information on ways to donate.

Calne Bike Meet 2016 chosen charities are:

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National Association for Bikers with a Disability

Calne Youth Trust

Julia’s House

Royal British Legion